Gameplay Videos 1 & 2

Here's a few gameplay footage for the mod.
The following gameplay videos are recorded on mod demo version post v0.013.

Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games

New Design for the Kaiser

New Kaiser part II

The Kaiser of the Kappas have been redesigned to give a more intimidating look.

The Kaiser's weapons have also changed, now having 2 kind of weapons.

Fire Raiser:
Fires a powerful heat ray that can burn away any foe in its path.

Hisou Nova:
When deployed, it will generate a significant amount of heat from its body with the power of nuclear fusion and discharge, causing a catastrophic explosion that engulfs nearby enemies whole without any chance of surviving.

Gameplay video:

HisouKaiser gameplay - Mod DB

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Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games

New mode: Night Battle(Part 1)

New mode: Night Battle(Part 1)

More than a change in ambiance and lighting.
Not much to see yet though. But here are a few features:

-More hostile units lurk around the maps at this hour
-Almost all buildings are lit
-Sight and Range of most infantry reduced by 3; vehicles by 1
-Night exclusive mercenaries such as Ex-Keine and Wriggle Nightbug

Faction attributes and team bonuses

I have now planned attributes for factions and implemented team bonuses in the game.

Current faction attributes:

Hakurei Liberation Army:
+ Cheapest of the four factions
+ Excellent production speed
+ Able to build fake structures to confuse enemy commanders
+ Most powerful set of spell cards among the four factions
- Fragile units and structures especially their power plants (Hakkeros)
- Consists of irregular, unruly troops where most of them can aimlessly wander around
- Slow income rate

Scarlet Devil Syndicate:
+ Boasts excellent income rate
+ Excels in melee units
+ Able to build a doll replicator that clones infantry produced from a barrack
+ Contains the best super heavy tank in the game: The Mammoth Tank
- Consumes more power than any other faction
- Lacks air force
- Long charge times for certain spell cards

+ Virtually the most powerful faction in the game
+ All units and buildings are well armored
+ Contains the best ranged infantry in the game
+ Able to build a forge in order to make self-regenerating armor for units and infantries.
- Defensive structures are not available until the last tier
- Expensive
- Long production times
- Lacks anti-air structures

+ Boasts excellent power
+ Excels in vehicles and tanks
+ Certain units and buildings have the ability to cloak on the battlefield.
- Weakest set of spell cards among the four factions
- Defensive structures are not as powerful as other factions'

Team Bonuses:

Hakurei Shrine:
- Build times for all units are 30% faster. 10% faster for buildings and defensive structures
- All Buildings are 15% cheaper
- Defensive structures are 10% weaker
- Nets 7% less income from refineries and mills

Forest of Magic:
- Infantry and vehicles are 5% faster
- 5% better weapon strength
- Rate of fire (weapon cool down) reduced by 5%
- Infantry and vehicles have 10% less health

- All buildings are 40% stronger
- 10% better weapon strength
- 10% more expensive for all units and buildings

- Infantry cost reduced by 25%
- Infantry units are 10% faster
- Infantry units takes 15% longer to build
- Rate of fire (weapon cool down) increased by 5%

- All units' speed increased by 10%
- Nets 5% more income from refineries and mills
- 15% weaker weapon strength

Lunar Capital:
- 50% better weapon strength
- All units are 5% more expensive
- Rate of fire (weapon cool down) increased by 15%
- All units take 5% longer to build

Kappa HQ:
- All vehicles' armor and defensive structures are 30% more durable
- All vehicles' speed reduced by 25% except Yakugamis
- Defensive structures takes 10% longer to build

Moriya Shrine:
- All infantry units have 15% more health
- Defensive structures are 10% cheaper
- Nets 5% less income from refineries and mills

Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games

Story: The prologue

Gensoukyo. An eastern land inhabited by both humans and youkai (mythical creatures). It is the time where the cherry blossoms bloom and most of the ice thawed. However, the land was not covered in the usual pink, red and white, but rather shades of gold.

Several weeks ago, mysterious golden plants have sprouted across the land. They have spread rapidly, covering at least an acre per half-day and tainting most of the land’s vegetation in the process minus the trees and the grasses strangely enough.

Yet, many have praised these plants for its powerful effects upon consumption. It is said that the grains of these plants have a pleasant taste none have ever tasted before. It is also said that it had the power to compromise weaknesses of certain inhabitants they might have and lift all the toxins contained inside plants that it taints in exchange for odd coloring and loss of flavor. It was also an excellent anti-aging agent and contained various precious metals that can be extracted for other uses.

Many have dubbed this plant: “Kinmai” or Gold Rice because of its resemblance of the said grain. Due to its versatility, the value of these plants sky-rocketed since the first day. Despite of this fact, many were willing to share with one another. But there are those who would do anything to take control of all the plants in Gensoukyo for their own greed, selfishness, and personal gain.

Hakurei Shrine. The miko (priestess) had just finished her chores. With a cup of tea in her hands, Reimu Hakurei stared at the golden fields across Gensoukyo.

Reimu 「 How long has it been since these things started appearing out of nowhere? Not that it matters much to me as long I have a month supply of them or even a year’s worth. 」

??? 「 Ah, right at her usual spot. 」

From the magical forest west of the shrine, Marisa Kirisame appears before Reimu.

Reimu 「 Oh, it’s you. What do you want? 」

Marisa 「 Hey, what kind of greeting is that? I’m surprised nothing is being done about these gold rice thingies, especially by you. Anyway, something’s not right about them. You ever notice that the Kappas have been acting a little odd since they showed up? 」

Reimu 「 Come to think of it, they have been awfully quiet lately... 」

Marisa 「 Well, when I flew by the riverbank I saw hundreds of them swimming down the stream. 」

Reimu 「 That’s close to where the Human Village is. I wonder why? 」

Marisa 「 Don’t ask me! They were cheering so loud for no reason and I think I heard some of them chant something weird. They were also carrying something odd. I couldn’t tell above water. 」

??? 「 They are carrying weapons. A KA-74 Danmaku Shooter, as they call it.」

A mature figure suddenly stands between the two. There was no doubt that it was Yukari Yakumo with her ability to manipulate boundaries.

Reimu 「 What are you doing here? 」

Yukari 「 I thought I could join in with you and enjoy tea as you do not have anything important to do. Jokes aside, I came to warn you of the Kappas’ approach to the village. They are launching an attack. 」

Reimu 「 An attack!? On the village? 」

Marisa 「 No way! Why would they do such a thing? 」

Yukari 「 I’ve yet to get the facts straight, but they are likely after the plants. 」

Reimu 「 This is serious. I have to go to the village and warn them quick! 」

Yukari 「 By the time you’re there, it would already be too late. The best thing to do is to carry the villagers to safety. Although, that hakutaku is there. She can conceal the entire village from them. So why would you bother? 」

Reimu 「 D-Don’t imply that I’ve been lazy lately! Something tells me that the Kappas will have a way to get though it. No, I’ve got a very bad feeling about this. You’re coming with me! 」

Marisa 「 Wha- hey! 」

Reimu 「 We’ll have to investigate their strange behavior later. 」

And so both Reimu and Marisa head towards the Human Village with haste.

Appeared behind Yukari was her fox shikigami, Ran. She brought news to Yukari that the mistress of Scarlet Devil Mansion and her band of maids were beginning to make their prowl. A cat shikigami, Chen, appeared beside Ran. She told Yukari that two odd shaped spheres went up in the sky enroute to the moon last night. She did not make an attempt to give further warning to the miko and the witch, but grinned with amusement.

Yukari 「 Things are starting to get a lot more interesting. 」

Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games



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