Touhou X Command and Conquer Project Demo 0.013

Touhou X Command and Conquer Project Demo 0.013 is out!

==For those who have previous versions==
Please delete the desktop icon prior to installing the update. Delete the start menu folder if your version is 0.01.

-New modes: Battle (Night), Free for all (Night)
-New Map: Sanzu River(4v4)
-Removed a residual debug code where Udonge used elite weapon even when not at full power
-Truly fixed Antares' targeting problem where it attacked land units with its missiles
-Reworked Mimi-chan's effectiveness against certain objects
-Corrected a few missing strings.
-Fixed a crash where Reimu had no projectile image when firing her primary weapon upon full power
-Fixed an issue where buildings did not show up properly after being revealed
-Reworked effectiveness of Flower Tank's cannon
-Increased Flower Tank's normal cannon damage from 75 to 90
-Increased Mammoth Tank's normal and full powered cannon damage from 100 to 110
-Rate of Fire of Light Tank reduced from 40 to 30
-Reduced Light Tank's cannon damage from 30 to 25
-Hanabis can now pick up its own target but not when friendly units are in its range.
-Hanabi's cannon is louder and can be heard further away
-Devil's Breath now has a new firing sound
-Power Up Speed bonus reduced from 1.2x to 1.1x
-Power Up Rate of fire bonus increased from 0.8x to 0.9x
-Increased Guard Tower's health from 300 to 375
-Fixed a graphical problem where the fireworks animation played on all of Utsuho's weapons over their respective animations
-Onbashira Tanks now fire twice
-Damage of Onbashira tanks reduced from 150 to 100; 175 to 125 at full power
-All basic infantry except Moon Rabbits' damage reduced by 1
-New laser for Marisa that damages things along a path
-Added (temporary) icons for all infantry unit except the war bear
-Satori now detects objects properly
-Almost every Scarlet Devil Building now consumes 20 power more
-Scarlet Devil Turrets now consumes 5 power
-Kennels consumes 3 power more
-Goliath Doll takes 10 more damage overtime
-Apollo 13 damage reduced from 675 to 525
-Abyss Nova damage increased from 450 to 500
-Reworked Threat rating for each unit
-Cloak sound volume reduced but can be heard further away
-Mini Suikas no longer self-heal
-Suika can now move across water
-Reworked effectiveness of most danmaku bullets.

Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games

Touhou X Command and Conquer Project v0.012

Touhou X Command and Conquer Project v0.012 quick fix patch is out!

=How to Install:=
Requires v0.011. Put the MIX file in the Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge game directory where the mod files are.

-Fixed a problem where HLA AI was building Service Depots all over the base.
-Fixed a problem where Orichal Veil could target the ground.

Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games

Touhou X Command and Conquer Project v0.011

Touhou X Command and Conquer Project v0.011 is out!

*!* This is a standalone patch. You don't need to download v0.01 for it to work.

==For those who have 0.01==
Please delete the start menu folder and the desktop icon prior to installing the update.

-Reduced damage of Yorihime's sword from 250 to 150
-Reduced damage of Yorihime's rising sword from 400 to 150
-Yorihime's rising sword no longer damage things along its path
-Yorihime's rising sword no longer rocks vehicles about
-Reduced damage of Reisen's grenade from 200 to 115
-Range of Reisen's grenade decreased from 10 to 8
-Blast radius of Reisen's grenade reduced from 6 to 5
-Reduced damage of Atlas' weapon from 8 to 6
-Atlases now use the correct weapon at full power
-Veteran/Elite icons now displays properly on evil eyes
-Cirno now uses her correct weapon
-Devils Breath now deploys/undeploys correctly
-Reduced damage of Kaguya's cluster weapon from 100 and 200 to 25 and 50 respectively
-Fairy Grenadiers now have their own weaker type of Grenade from Reisen's
-Computer now uses Cirno, Daiyousei, Antares, Devils Breath and Evil Eyes
-New menu video
-Computer now builds Service Depots but will not be able to repair their unit
-Engineers now have an insignia to distinguish from the rest of the infantry. (Just an experiment though)
-Increased Daiyousei's health from 400 to 500
-Increased damage of Suwako's Iron Rings from 145 to 245
-Reduced damage of Patchouli's Flash Fire attack from 80 to 35
-Range of Remillia's Secondary Vampire's Kiss reduced from 2.85 to 1.95
-Health of Grazers increased from 250 to 285
-Rate of fire of Sanae's Frogs increased from 10 to 25 ; 8 to 10 at full power
-Reduced damage of Sanae's Frog from 20 to 18; 30 to 25 at full power
-Health of Kanako reduced from 800 to 575
-Fixed the problem where Kanako's name displayed Tesla Trooper instead
-Kanako now has a 10 frame delay between shots
-Kanako now has Immortal armour (she previously had flak armour)
-Kappa Rocketeers now fires 2 missiles instead of one.
-Health of Kappa Rocketeers reduced from 175 to 125
-Fixed the problem where Kappa missile weapons did not damage buildings at all
-Reduced damage of Kappa Rocketeer's weapon from 15 to 14
-Dogs can no longer attack Oni-type and Immortal-type units. Remillia can still attack anyone of her choosing.
-Changed effectiveness against Concrete-type armour for most weapons
-Grazers should now attack air units properly
-Orichal Veil can now target objects other than vehicles
-Koakumas are now unruly
-Okuu's weapons are now Heat-based
-Rate of Fire of Laser Sentries reduced from 100 to 60

Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games

Touhou X Command and Conquer Project Demo v0.01 Released

Touhou X Command and Conquer Project Demo v0.01 is now live!


Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games



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