The factions and teams in the game

-Hakurei Liberation Army(HLA or just Hakurei)-
a Hakurei Base
(Wooden fence by ArgCmdr)

Basic Infantry: Fairies
Basic Tank: Light Tank
Favorite: Flower Tank

-Hakurei Shrine-
Unique Ability: Super Duplex Barrier
Command:Hakurei Reimu, Ibuki Suika
Spellcards(Superweapons): Fantasy Seal, Pandemonium

-Forest of Magic-
Unique Unit: Shanghai dolls
Command:Kirisame Marisa, Alice Margatroid
Spellcards(Superweapons): Dragon meteor, Goliath Doll

-Scarlet Devil Syndicate(SDS)-
a Scarlet Devil Base

Basic Infantry: Maid Fairies
Basic Tank: Medium Tank
Favorite: Mammoth Tank

-Koumakan(Scarlet Devil Manor)-

Unique Unit: Hong Meiling
Command: Remilia Scarlet, Izayoi Sakuya
Spellcards(Superweapons): Spear the Gungnir, Sakuya's World

-Chireiden(Palace of the Earth Spirits)-
Unique Unit: War Bears
Command: Komeji Satori, Reiuji Utsuho
Spellcards(Superweapons): Eye of Nations, Abyss Nova


a Lunarian Base

Basic Infantry: Rabbits
Basic Tank: Orion
Favorite: Yagokoro

Unique Unit: Earth Rabbits
Command: Yagokoro Eirin, Reisen Udonge Inaba
Spellcards(Superweapons): Apollo 13, Lunatic Red Eyes

-Lunar Capital-
Unique Unit: Moon Rabbits
Command: Watasuki no Yorihime, Reisen
Spellcards(Superweapons): Meteor Storm, Teleportation


a Kappas Base

Basic Infantry: Kappa
Basic Tank: Heavy Tank
Favorite: Kaiser

-Kappa HQ-
Unique Unit: Hina891-Yakugami
Command: Kawashiro Nitori, Kawashiro Mitori
Spellcards(Superweapons): Mimi-chan, EMPulse Wave

-Moriya Shrine-
Unique Unit: Onbashira Tank
Command: Yasaka Kanako, Kochiya Sanae
Spellcards(Superweapons): Onbashira Festival, Orichal Veil

Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games

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