Faction attributes and team bonuses

I have now planned attributes for factions and implemented team bonuses in the game.

Current faction attributes:

Hakurei Liberation Army:
+ Cheapest of the four factions
+ Excellent production speed
+ Able to build fake structures to confuse enemy commanders
+ Most powerful set of spell cards among the four factions
- Fragile units and structures especially their power plants (Hakkeros)
- Consists of irregular, unruly troops where most of them can aimlessly wander around
- Slow income rate

Scarlet Devil Syndicate:
+ Boasts excellent income rate
+ Excels in melee units
+ Able to build a doll replicator that clones infantry produced from a barrack
+ Contains the best super heavy tank in the game: The Mammoth Tank
- Consumes more power than any other faction
- Lacks air force
- Long charge times for certain spell cards

+ Virtually the most powerful faction in the game
+ All units and buildings are well armored
+ Contains the best ranged infantry in the game
+ Able to build a forge in order to make self-regenerating armor for units and infantries.
- Defensive structures are not available until the last tier
- Expensive
- Long production times
- Lacks anti-air structures

+ Boasts excellent power
+ Excels in vehicles and tanks
+ Certain units and buildings have the ability to cloak on the battlefield.
- Weakest set of spell cards among the four factions
- Defensive structures are not as powerful as other factions'

Team Bonuses:

Hakurei Shrine:
- Build times for all units are 30% faster. 10% faster for buildings and defensive structures
- All Buildings are 15% cheaper
- Defensive structures are 10% weaker
- Nets 7% less income from refineries and mills

Forest of Magic:
- Infantry and vehicles are 5% faster
- 5% better weapon strength
- Rate of fire (weapon cool down) reduced by 5%
- Infantry and vehicles have 10% less health

- All buildings are 40% stronger
- 10% better weapon strength
- 10% more expensive for all units and buildings

- Infantry cost reduced by 25%
- Infantry units are 10% faster
- Infantry units takes 15% longer to build
- Rate of fire (weapon cool down) increased by 5%

- All units' speed increased by 10%
- Nets 5% more income from refineries and mills
- 15% weaker weapon strength

Lunar Capital:
- 50% better weapon strength
- All units are 5% more expensive
- Rate of fire (weapon cool down) increased by 15%
- All units take 5% longer to build

Kappa HQ:
- All vehicles' armor and defensive structures are 30% more durable
- All vehicles' speed reduced by 25% except Yakugamis
- Defensive structures takes 10% longer to build

Moriya Shrine:
- All infantry units have 15% more health
- Defensive structures are 10% cheaper
- Nets 5% less income from refineries and mills

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